Do I need planning permission?

You can often extend or add to your house without the need to apply for planning permission provided you meet a predetermined set of criteria. This relates to the size and position of any extension, its proximity to your boundary and potential impact on your neighbours. Planning requirements will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Why are plans important?

Plans are a requirement of any planning submission and provide the local authority with an accurate description of your proposal. We will provide you with clear and accurate plans, elevations, sections and a detailed specification to ensure that the finished building looks how you intended.

Having detailed plans produced at an early stage will give you with greater control over the design and layout of your project and provide better cost control enabling you to obtain costs from more than one builder. Alternatively we can offer a full project management services appointing an approved construction team and overseeing the entire building process.

Do I need building regulations approval?

Building regulations generally applies if you want to build an extension to your house, convert a loft, garage or basement, or alter any load bearing elements within your home. This process requires more detailed drawings and specification than a planning permission and provides information about how the building will be constructed. Regular inspections are undertaken at key stages by the council to ensure the building works are completed in accordance with the submitted drawings.

Millhouses Design Limited have a partnering agreement with Sheffield Building Control to provide our clients with a speedier and more simplified building regulations process.

The video below explains some of the key points.

How long will it take to produce plans and gain approvals?

The process of gaining planning and building regulations approval can usually be completed within a twelve week period. Once complete your chosen builder will then be able to start work.

Are there any additional costs?

There are statuary application fees for planning and building regulations submissions payable to the council which are dependent upon the size of your project. It may also be necessary to seek advice from a structural engineer depending upon the complexity of your project. Approximate fees will be discussed at your initial consultation.

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