How can we help you?

The process begins with a free consultation at your property to listen to your ideas and requirements and suggest tailored solutions to best suit your individual project. Following our initial consultation we will visit again to undertake a measured survey of your property which usually takes 2-3 hours. This will enable us to produce existing plans and elevations and provide sketches of your proposals. We would then meet with you again to fine tune the design prior to submitting for planning approval. Once the plans and planning application have been submitted to your local council there is a statutory consultation period where the council notify your neighbours and any objections or concerns are raised. Any alterations of plans and re-submissions required at this stage are included within our prices. Once all planning issues have been resolved we would then apply for building regulations approval and should you require issue pricing drawings to a choice of builders.

Why are plans important?

Do I need planning permission?

Do I need building regulations approval?

How long will it take to produce plans and gain approvals?

Are there any additional costs?



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